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"To sum up, this is a game with great graphics and great music, is totally addictive, easy to get into, and includes a bucketful of attitude and humor. Snails will have you hooked for hours to come. Here's one game that is a "must have" for all Pocket PC owners."

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Pocket PC Life
"Once again, this is another title confirming the wise decision of buying a Pocket PC. Combined with excellent sound, vivid cartoon backgrounds, believable snail behavior, and lively strategy/action playability, Snails is a definite `must have'."

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PDA Buyer's Guide
"It's easy to pick up and hard to put down. You can play Snails weather you are a casual gamer or game master. The realistic graphics and creative game design will attract gamers of all levels. Once you get your hands on the Bazooka gun, you won't be able to put it down. If you play all three modes, you will improve your skills and strategies."

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"It sounds silly, but you wouldn't believe how insanely funny it is to see the snails battle it out. When you start a game, there's an inexplicable want to kick the other team's shells. Or something like that.
To sum it all up, if you're looking to get something fun for those boring commutes to work or for those times where you'd just rather be blowing up snails, this should be the game. You just can't go wrong with a great game backed by a great company."

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Snails game copyright (c) PDAmill Ltd, 2001-2008, Hungary
Graphics, characters, story and world copyright (c) Randall Schleufer, 2002, USA
Music, sounds, story copyright (c) Jason Surguine (Jaybot7 LLC), 2002-2005, USA
User interface copyright (c) Ryan Anspach, 2002-2005, USA

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