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Traffic Mania


Traffic Mania is our new, weird puzzle game with secret agents, bombs and a lady with HUGE lips. Seriously, it's a fantastic puzzle game which will get you hooked for weeks. Your objective is to get your car out from a traffic jam by moving the other cars around. The game includes over 300 levels, 3 different characters to play and different game rules for each character.

Sounds easy?

Here's our challenge: Complete all the levels within a week from buying the game and you get one of our games for free!

Traffic Mania features
Full version includes over 300 levels of fun with increasing difficulty
Three different cartoon style characters and different game rules
Special action features like droping bombs, shooting rockets
Five missions of brain-challenging arcade action puzzles with hectic storyline
More than 20 3D rendered cars and crashed cars added to the game
Perfect solution of a puzzle awarded by extra animation and cups
Internet Highscores, so you can upload your best scores and compete against everyone
High detail city map helps to explore the city and solve every mission

Traffic Mania Reviews
  • "It's great fun and very addicting. It's also very challenging. The levels aren't as easy as you think. Sure, the first levels are easy, but it gets harder. You'll begin to think it's impossible!" - Read review by Pocket PC Lousville

  • "This is darn near the perfect puzzle game. The puzzles are awesome. You'll look at them and tell yourself you'll never get this one figured out. 10-20 minutes later when you finish it, you'll be amazed that it could be done. Then it's on to the next puzzle." - Read review by Pocket PC Life

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