TopKey is a simple application which can help you increase your Windows Mobile experience in a natural and organic way, helping you contribute to a sustainable development of the cosmic spirit, body and mind!

TopKey contains only the finest natural ingredients which are hand picked by Dwarves wandering the Melonchi Mines.... Okay, but seriously--

We simply wanted an easy, yet more powerful input method for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices. With TopKey, you can choose from tons of pre-defined keyboard layouts, or even create your own custom keyboard!

We even threw in some very clever predictive text input. And to top it all off, it's fully skinnable so it looks and feels much better than the normal Windows Mobile input keyboard. And we'vedecided to release TopKey for FREE!

Simply download it, install and run the application, and TopKey will allow you to start typing away in any language from Albanian and Azeri to Slovak, Swedish, and Ukranian (and more, obviously) with complete ease.


*As with all our other wonderful FREE software, we like to state that since it's free, please be advised that these titles come with no warranty, no support, and may well not work on your device. If you have any troubles with the title, do not contact support as you will not receive a reply.*

Price: FREE
Compatible devices
Compatible devices
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  • Customized Graphics, which looks a lot prettier than the drab Windows Mobile stuff
  • International keyboards in over 40 languages
  • Highest Quality predictive text
  • Fully skinned keyboards, even create your own!
  • Keyboard Gestures
  • Layout editor
  • FREE!

Installation Notes:

During installation, TopKey will most likely ask you to reboot your device (because it's adding itself as a direct input method into Windows Mobile).

On some devices, this message box asking you to reboot your device will come up in the background and the installation will appear to hang. From here you can either switch to the Today screen (which will bring up the message box) and then tap OK, or simply Soft Reset your device and the installation will complete after the soft reset.


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