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Get ready to ogle and be boggled! Now you can test your eye for detail with SPOT!, a crazily fun puzzle game that can leave you wanting for more! SPOT! takes your usual "spot the difference" game to a new level. Select from three different game modes. The game supports multiple downloadable Spotpacks and changing SPOT!s each game.

  • Play hundreds of puzzles and more available as free download
  • Random puzzles - you'll never play the same game twice
  • Three challenging game modes
  • Keep track of your stats
  • Create multiple profiles, play and compete with your friends and family
  • Features uber cool artworks
  • With relaxing music and cheerful sound effects by Jaybot7
  • Optional puzzle hints
  • Free lifetime updates
Game modes:
    Take your time and enjoy looking for differences with the more laidback gameplay of "Spot Career". Compare your average time with other players.
    Challenge your hand-eye coordination by finding all the differences in one Spotpack in "Spots Galore"
    Test your grace under pressure by finding the only difference per puzzle in "SpotCheck". Timers vary per Spotpack depending on complexity.
Spotpacks for download:

Brought to you by PDAmill in partnership with eSoft Interactive.

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