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  • Fantastic 2D and 3D Art
  • Innovative Gameplay
  • Four Beautiful Worlds
  • More than 120 Unique Levels
  • Selectable Difficulty Levels
  • Original Music, Voices, and Sounds by Jaybot7
  • Hilariously Wacky Story from the same author of Snails and Arvale

    Every fish knows of the underwater Kingdom of Luphia. Almost every sentient organism (aside from clams) has been trying to find it for ages.

    Legend says that it is powered by the mysterious Light Pearls, which protect and hide the city from all outsiders.

    Sephine, the Princess of Luphia, decided to take a swim around the kingdom when suddenly, the royal city went dark for more than twenty seconds.

    Darker than a cloudy day, or a passing bird overhead, or even an unpaid bill to the electric company. The Light Pearls were gone!

    In the sudden darkness, she screamed for help.

    No one responded verbally. However, a large, evil, maniacal octopus responded physically... by kidnapping her.

    It was Ryper, the Red Octopus! One of the meanest and fastest predators of the sea! And he was kidnapping Princess Sephine!

    The Light Pearls were stolen, Princess Sephine was been kidnapped, and the only fish in the ocean that could save her was Vinn, the super-fish! Unfortunately, he was unavailable because of a terrible cold.

    The only other option was Joker.

    Joker, the Clown fish. As if his parents' lack of creativity when selecting a name wasn't bad enough, Fate decided to call in sick the day his career was decided. He was the Court Jester of Luphia.

    He may not be the fastest, strongest, or even the smartest fish. But for everything that he lacks, he more than makes up with his perseverance, charm, and wit.

    And with your help, he is the only one who can save Princess Sephine!


    Joker's Quest is an action-strategy game full of fantasy, fun, and fish. The standard awesome PDAmill quality graphics and sound, ingenious gameplay, and entertaining story bring another console-quality title to your Pocket PC! Joker's Quest is brought to you by PDAmill in partnership with Pocketnapalm.

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