A breath-taking 3D space combat game for the Windows Mobile Professional, Classic, and Windows Pocket PC devices.

After the events in Anthelion: The Galactic Alliance, the Bedouin Traders uncovered a deadly secret from the past, and as a fighter-pilot for the Anthelion Federation, your job is to protect the galaxy at all costs.

Anthelion 2 features an incredible 3D graphics engine with fast-paced space combat, an engaging story, and over half an hour of original music - all designed for Windows Mobile.

Winner of the Smartphone and Pocket PC Awards for
Best Action Game of 2007!

Anthelion: Celestial Vigilance
Price: $2.99
Compatible devices
Compatible devices
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  • A blazing-fast, highest quality 3D graphics engine for the Pocket PC
  • Training + 15 full missions in Career Mode, giving you hours of excitement

  • Survival Mode allows endless hours of entertainment while fine-tuning your combat skills
  • Variable difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Hard for maximum replayability
  • Fly 10 unique spaceships with different speeds, shields, weapons and maneauverability
  • Play as three different races: The Anthelion Federation, Bedouin Pirates and Mysterious Watchers
  • Automatic combat functions like aiming, targeting and firing helps you target and destroy your enemies while commanding your ship at an incredible speed
  • Dynamic gameplay supporting both D-Pad and on-screen controls
  • Special effects ranging from huge explosions, engine trails, nebulas to dynamic lighting
  • Over 30 minutes of stereo music by Jason Surguine, the well-known PDA musician


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Highest caliber
Goes beyond the expectations... and provides an awesome experience
9 out of 10!
Excellent graphics, audio, and storyline make an out of this world adventure.