** We have recently received reports that many HTC Titan/MOGUL devices running Windows Mobile 6 may not run Tower Mogul correctly. If you own one of these devices, have purchased the game, and it is not running correctly, please email support and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.**

Question: What devices are your games compatible with?


All of our titles are compatible with devices running

Windows Mobile 2003 or newer.

This includes:

Windows Mobile 2003

Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC

Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition

Windows Mobile 6 Classic

Windows Mobile 6 Professional


Some of our titles are compatible with:

Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Question: How do I find my Operating System?


First things first, let's make sure you have a touchscreen device:

If your device has no touchscreen, and the Start Menu is in the bottom-left of the screen, it is a Smartphone (or a Windows Mobile Standard) device, and only a few of our games are compatbile a this time (see bottom of page).

On your device, go to the 'Start Menu', select 'Settings', select the 'System Tab', then select 'About'

If the About screen says Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.2 or later, you have Windows Mobile 2003 or 2003 SE.

If the About screen says Windows Mobile 5, you have Windows Mobile 5. If your device has a Touch-screen and the Start Menu is in the upper-left corner of the screen, it is a Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition and is compatible. If your device has no touchscreen, and the Start Menu is in the bottom left of the screen, it is a Smartphone, and is not supported at this time.

If the About screen says Windows Mobile 6 Classic , you have Windows Mobile 6 Classic .

If the About screen says Windows Mobile 6 Professional , you have Windows Mobile 6 Professional .

If the About screen has a version number less than Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.2, you have an older Pocket PC 2002 device, which only a few of our older titles will run on.
Please see below.

Question: Wait wait... WM 6 Classic? Standard? Professional? I don't get it...


Yes, well... Microsoft decided to confuse everybody with these new names starting when they renamed their products for Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Mobile 6 Professional is what was a touch-screen Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Windows Mobile 6 Classic is what was a regular touch-screen Pocket PC.

Windows Mobile 6 Standard
is what was a non-touchscreen Smartphone.

Unfortunately, our games do not support the Windows Mobile 6 Standard non-touchscreen devices or Smartphone devices (yet!)

Question: What screen resolutions do your games support?


All of our games support the following resolutions:

QVGA (240x320 and 320x240)

VGA* (640x480)

Square Screen (240x240), with the exception of the titles listed below. For Palm Treo 700w/700wx compatbility please read further below.

* Our games are perfectly compatible with all VGA devices. They do not contain any native VGA content (to keep the memory footprint smaller, and the games faster). Instead, the graphics are scaled using a special pixel-doubling algorithm to match your screen resolution and still look great.

Question: Do any of your older titles work on my device?


Unfortunately, our titles are no longer supported on older Pocket PC devices (2002 and below).

In addition, please note that no new titles will be compatbile with these platforms.

Question: What about Treo 700w/700wx compatibility?


The following of our titles are compatbile with the Treo700w/700wx devices at this time.

Maggot Attack Pinball
Tower Mogul

Please note that no new titles will be compatbile with these devices

Question: You said you had Windows Mobile Standard? Smartphone games?


The following titles will work on Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones (and more on the way!):

GameBox Asia

GameBox Asia II

GameBox Boards

GameBox Solitaire

GameBox Solitaire II

GameBox Sudoku


Pachinko Go!

Note that you must install the separate Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone exe or cab file from the products page for it to install and work correctly on your device.

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