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    Flux Challenge is our new, revolutionary 3D racing game for the Pocket PC. This unique racer revolves around a world of magnetic-levitation tunnels. Take control of one of these magilev ships, and become the international champion!

    • Best 3D graphics on a Pocket PC to date
    • Fast paced, adrenaline pumping racing action
    • 24 total races to play
    • 6 different ships to race with
    • 3 game mode for maximum replay value
    • Original sound track by Jason Surguine
    • The latest and greatest game from the authors of Snails, Anthelion and the GameBox series


    The game

      Flux Challenge is set in the future where underground tunnels are used for racing. These tunnels were originally used for trains and transportation but then someone figured out how to use the tunnels for levitating racing vehicles and the sport was born. At some point in the sport's early history one of the heroic drivers was killed in an accident while racing. This prompted shutdowns of the tracks and they were made safer. The new tracks had a three level system, practice, time trials and career. In practice mode you can race any unlocked track with any unlocked vehicle so you can hone your skills for career or timed mode. In timed mode you can try and beat your best times to post to the record books. In career mode you are given the chance to rise to the ultimate racing title, Flux Champion!
    • "PDA Mill has done it again. This is a MUST HAVE title, go buy it now!" - Schoons Place Review

    • "PDAmill has again just raised the bar by which other arcade style games will be measured. :: The final rating is 100%" - PDAGold Review

    • "It's the most awesome game you'll see to date for the Pocket PC." - Pocket PC Louisville Review

    • "It's one of the most stunning games I have seen on a PPC." - Pocket PC Life Review

    Pocket PC version
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